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This section has Fallout 3 tips and hints. Tips by bling56789.

If this isn't your first play-through I'm sure you've got a whole big bag-o-tricks at your disposal. Some might be better than mine, some maybe not. Regardless, you might find some of these useful (whether they be tips or tricks). Just remember that not all tips and tricks apply to all character builds. Go with the concept of Jeet Kune Do, keep what is useful, discard what is not. I tend to avoid abusing AI glitches so you won't find much abuse in this section.

-Crouch, crouch, crouch! If you're shooting mid to long range or taking cover behind a low wall, always remember to crouch. Your accuracy and recoil seem to be better off when crouching, and it takes little time, so why not do it? Just keep in mind that you move slowly, though if you have good cover you shouldn't worry about that. Pay attention to where your bullets go though. A lot of objects boundaries aren't perfect, and you'll find yourself shooting invisible walls from time to time.

-Crowd control is important when facing several combatants. If you can get them into a good choke-point or lure them into each others fire it will help. Do not under any circumstances allow them to flank/surround you. You might be able to take their bullets, but having your vision blurred will significantly lower your accuracy, which in turn costs you more bullets and stimpaks.

-Recon is not to be underestimated. Knowing how many enemies are in the area and their locations is a huge advantage. It's even better if you can see what kind of heat they're packing so you can assess the threat and delegate your target acquisition priority.

-Rough waters ahead but too stubborn to turn back? Be prepared. If you know you're not tough enough to eliminate a threat that's blocking your path then rely on brains instead of brawn. Lay some mines (if you have them, your explosives skill won't matter much in this situation) and sneak attack the nearest enemy with a headshot. The headshot can possibly eliminate one enemy, the mine can possibly eliminate or cripple a second enemy. Just make sure you have an easily defensible position before you set up shop.

-Melee is invaluable, especially when you're low on ammo. If you're close enough go ahead and rush the enemy. I recommend going for their arms so you can disarm them. In the time it takes them to pick up a new weapon they will be dead or close to it.

-Don't shoot for the legs. Even though legs are pretty big targets they can soak up a good amount of damage without being crippled. And even when the enemy's legs are crippled it doesn't slow their bullets down. Only shoot someone's legs if they're fleeing from combat.

-Shoot for the head to quickly make them dead. Headshots are brutal, and if you critical there's a good chance your target will stop for a second and grab their head (if it doesn't explode). Not only does it buy you some time, but it gives you an even better chance of getting headshots since they lean forward.

-Body shots are a solid bet at mid to long range. Using something that's fully automatic? Go for the body. Your spread will always have a chance of hitting any part of their body as well as a chance of crippling any part it hits. It's hard to miss a Super Mutant when shooting for the body, and the largest part of a human as well. With Deathclaws and Yao Guai I never recommend body shots, always go for their heads since they're large targets.

-Some people want to keep their distance from enemies, I say get closer. You'll do significantly more damage when close to an enemy (less missing), while they'll rarely do too much more to you. Plus this always allows the option of pulling out some hard steel to cut/smash them with. Miniguns and shotguns are two weapons that become substantially more powerful when you're close to the enemy.

-Don't reload when you're out in the open. There's plenty of cover in the capital wasteland, don't let it go to waste. The enemy might come for you while you're reloading, but by the time they get near you'll probably have a fresh clip to empty into their face.

-If you're gonna go, go hard. Don't shoot in bursts in Fallout 3. It's not any more useful than going full-bore. If you're missing too much then just get closer and lay down on that trigger.

-A credo of mine is as such, "A bullet saved is a bullet wasted." This doesn't mean to shoot and miss a lot, you should remain accurate whenever firing your gun, just don't stop shooting until the enemy's corpse is lying on the ground (especially with a minigun, since it takes time for the barrels to get up to speed).

-This is a no-brainer, but don't ever engage the enemy unless you have a full clip.

-Enemies will step on their own traps, use this to your advantage.

-Greed kills. Try to avoid looting during combat.

-Be flexible. Be prepared to do whatever is necessary in combat. Whether that means switching weapons, finding better cover, jumping over railings or down a story, or whatever. Being flexible, quick, and decisive in your actions is one of your greatest assets.

-In complicated engagements with numerous enemies you'd do well to try to think several steps ahead. A couple good educated guesses on how your enemies will maneuver can make a battle much easier. E.G.: If you shoot target A first he'll be dead by the time target B reaches the chokepoint to the north, by then you can be around the corner taking cover while reloading, and blast target C in the face through a window, having switched to your sword by the time target B rounds the corner you're next to. Once he's done for, target D and E will be in the aforementioned chokepoint ready for some well distributed bullets.

-When sneak attacking, be patient. A sneak attack critical to the head is much better than one to the body. Take your time aiming, and then shoot. Don't jump the gun.

-Don't get shot with missiles. If there's a good distance between you and an enemy with a missile launcher then strafe while shooting at them. They'll lead you with their missile, and when they fire just switch which direction you're strafing. Alternatively, you can engage their buddies in melee combat and a lot of the time your melee combatants will end up taking the missile in their back. Make sure you wait until an enemy with missiles is reloading before you get close enough to disarm/kill them.

-Enemies might run around in what looks to be an aimless fashion. Don't write them off as retarded. They'll likely be on their way to pick up a better weapon to kill you with (like a minigun or missile launcher).

-Just because an enemy is holding a sledgehammer doesn't mean he's not an immediate threat if there is still distance between you two. Many Super Mutants with sledgehammers also carry frag grenades. Watch out for them, as if taking damage from an explosion isn't bad enough, being crippled in the middle of an engagement is even worse.

-I think it's fair to say almost all of us are too damn stubborn to flee from combat, but if for some reason it's been a while since you saved (and you're like me in the fact that you hate doing what you've already done over again) don't hesitate to get out of the kitchen before you get burned.

-Utilize the surrounding environment. Killing enemies with exploding cars is an efficient way to take them out. Never count on picking up their loot though, since it can be hard to locate their bodies when this happens.

-If facing several melee enemies is too much for you for whatever reason, use an old samurai technique. Run away from them in a straight line, and if your enemies move at different speeds they will naturally get seperated while they pursue you. Then you can take them out one at a time, or maybe a couple at a time.

-I never used chems until I played Very Hard mode. Even then I only used 3 different chems at one spot in the game, but the difference they made was more than noticable. Pop em if you got em. I tried Buffout, Psycho and MedX, and I recommend you use them when you fall on harsh times.

-Get perks from questing ASAP. You can get several DR bonuses and various other character bonuses from completing certain quests. Do this as soon as possible and you could have some of the following permanent bonuses: DR, critical chance, VATS accuracy, skill bonuses, SPECIAL stat bonuses, and poison and radiation resistances. How to get these rewards is detailed in other FAQs.

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