Fallout 3 Stats

Fallout 3 stats, and some information about them. Strength, perception, endurace, charisma, intelligence, agility and luck are discribed.

Strength - The very first stat you get to choose is Strength. Strength adds melee damage. If you like to melee, you should not overlook this stat. It also improves your carry weight, which in this game, is priceless. The more you can carry, the less trips back to town you will have to make to sell junk, and the more weapons, tools, and other items you haul around with you. In the end, it is recommended to have a decent Strength stat for any type of character you make, but try not to exceed putting 9 points into it for now. If you can't decide, a value of 5-6 is recommended for an all around character. 7+ if you really like having the ability to carry a lot of items and hit very hard in melee, but remember there are still quite a few other stats we must raise to make a good character.

Perception - The perception stat gives bonuses to your Explosives, Lockpick, and Energy Weapon skills. This stat is also used for the enemy markers that appear on your compass. Knowing how many enemies you are facing and their locations can help in preperation for battles, and make them a lot easier. Recommended points into perception, if you are not going to use explosives, lockpick, or energy weapons (none of which are too important in the game, and can be played without. Lockpick can be pretty useful, but it is not mandatory. You can still gather a lot of great loot without it.) a value of about 4-5 should be good. If you are going to use any of the skills listed, you should probably put a few more points into perception.

Endurance - The Endurance stat gives you more health. If you like always being in the heat of battle and don't mind taking a few hits, you should not overlook this stat. Endurance also gives bonuses to yourenvironmental resistances, and your Big Guns and Unarmed skills. I recommend a good 5-6 points into End for all around characters, mainly because you will want to have enough health to survive some of the tougher battles in the game, no matter what kind of character you make.

Charisma - This is a pretty worthless stat in Fallout 3. It gives a bonus to your Barter and Speech skills, both of which are not that important in the game. Usually, later in the game you will be able to make decent money without needing the barter skill at all. And the speech skill is not really used. Charisma is a good stat point to take points out of, to invest in some of the other much more important stats. Recommended 1-4 points into Charisma. You may put in more points if you would like, but this is coming from someone who has beaten the game multple times, I have never really found too much of a use of this stat.

Intelligence - Firt off, intelligence effects Science, Repair and your Medicine skills. All three of these skills are great, and can help you a lot during the game. But this is not the main reason why this stat is so important, Intelligence gives you a lot more skill points to distribute when levelling. If for example you have 10 Intelligence at level 2, you will gain 20 skill points per level for the following 18 levels. Overall, that is 360 skill points that you have to distribute among all of your skills. High Intelligence is highly recommended. This is a good time to use those points that you took out of Charisma, and use it here. Usually, 9 or even 10 points is recommended here. Your skills determine how effective you are in the game, so you can see how this stat is very important. Don't forget you can still find items such as bobbleheads, use the Intensive Training perk and find equipment all that add to your intelligence later in the game, but it is very important to have a high INT earlier in the game, so that you may raise your skills faster.

Agility - This stat effects your Small Guns and Sneak skills. It also effects the number of action points that you get to use in V.A.T.S.. If you prefer to spend more time in V.A.T.S. instead of real time shooting, invest some points into this stat. Otherwise, if you are like me, and think that while V.A.T.S. is great, it does not need to be used all that often to kill enemies. Mostly, V.A.T.S. is great for tougher encounters, or when you are getting low on health and need some help finishing off an enemy without getting hurt. At this point you might only have about 3-5 points left to asign to skills, so it is recommended that you stil with about 5-6 points in Agility. Lower if you prefer not to use V.A.T.S. too much, higher if you do.

Luck - The last stat point is an important one, first off Luck raises all of your skills a little bit, this is invaluable. Second, the Luck stat improves your critical attack chance with all weapons. In Fallout 3, critical attacks are devastating, and can help bring down enemies a lot faster. Especially when you are facing multiple enemies. Recommended stat points into luck is about 7-8. You can go lower if you don't have enough stat points, but try to keep luck above 6. It will help.

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