Fallout 3 Map

Welcome to the Fallout 3 map section. This is a huge Fallout 3 interactive map with everything you could ever want to find. Click around to find whatever you need. This map was made by Zazoum.

How to use this map

-Click "PROCEED" if you want to see the map. -Hover over symbols to display area name.
-Click the buttons at the bottom to hide the correspoding group of icons, so to make the map more clear. Click again to reveal them.
If you want for example to view only the Metro stations, click "ALL" to hide all markers and then the Metro button "M" to reveal only the Stations.
-Use the Bobblehead buttons inside the item menu to display Bobblehead markers. Hover over them for extra info and images.
-Use the Skill Books buttons inside the item menu to display skill book markers. Hover over them for additional info.
-Use the flash player right click menu to zoom in/out. Open the "text near cursor" button to view names when zoomed in.
-Toggle secondary locations on/off and use "easy" button to target them easily.
-Open the search panel to perform a non-case sensitive search.

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